What the #$%@?

I am appalled by one of the people interviewed for a story that was broadcast on today’s episode of “Morning Edition.”

In the story, Steve Inskeep provided a clip of an interview from Tina Graham, a Virginian and Democrat who doesn’t support McCain but also doesn’t think she can bring herself to vote for Obama.

She said: “Until [Obama] was nominated to run for president, I never really thought about whether or not that I was racist, or however you want to put it…It’s just the fact that I think that he will represent [African Americans] in what they want and in what they need and stuff, and forget about — you know, they’re his people, they’re his race.”

Hey, Tina, the question is answered. Guess what? You are a racist! Thanks for playing.

NPR Story


McCain Leads Pet Owner Poll (Despite Obama’s Action for Animals)

In an AP-Yahoo News survey of pet owners, McCain, who has a number of animals, was preferred by 42 percent of respondents, while Obama received endorsements from only 37%. I have to admit that Obama’s lack of a pet bothered me before I had decided whom to support in the primaries, but ultimately, decided that it was his position on animal issues that was more important. The Humane Society Legislative Fund regularly publishes scorecards assessing legislators’ position on animal-related issues. Obama took pro-animal positions on horse slaughter, animal fighting, and funding for enforcement of a number of laws. He received a score of 75. McCain, on the other hand, received a score of 25; his only pro-animal position was on horse slaughter. Animal lovers, feel confident in supporting Obama. He may not have companion animals of his own, but he is a friend to animals.

Story on msnbc.com
HSLF Scorecard (Adobe Reader Required)

Ithaca’s Reputation

Although I would kill my students if they used Wikipedia as a reference, I found the following blurb about Ithaca’s culture on the online encyclopedia:

Ithaca is commonly listed among the most culturally liberal of American small cities. The Utne Reader named Ithaca “America’s most enlightened town” in 1997. According to ePodunk’s Gay Index, Ithaca has a score of 231, versus a national average score of 100. Like many small college towns, Ithaca has also received accolades for having a high overall quality of life. In 2004, Cities Ranked and Rated named Ithaca the best “emerging city” to live in the United States. In 2006, the Internet realty website “Relocate America” named Ithaca the fourth best city in the country to relocate to. In July 2006, Ithaca was listed as one of the “12 Hippest Hometowns for Vegetarians” by VegNews Magazine and chosen by Mother Earth News as one of the “12 Great Places You’ve Never Heard Of.

In the New York Democratic Primary, Obama won one county in New York–Tompkins (Newsweek coverage). Can’t imagine a place being more ideal for me.

Barack My World

I have a little too much time on my hands right now. Sure, I could be using it to productive ends, but I figure this is the one month that I can really relax. As soon as I move, I will be in new professor mode.
Lately, I’ve been spending lots of time on the computer. One night, I thought I’d browse dog t-shirts with Obama slogans. Since I have no cash, it was purely an academic exercise, but I thought these “Mama Loves Obama” tees on Cafe Press were cute. So perfect for Walter!
During this search, a lot of other Obama slogans came up, one of them being “Barack My World.” It makes me laugh every time it comes to mind.

Barack Obama

Driving home last night, I listened to the NPR Super Tuesday election coverage. I found myself caring much more about who gets the democratic nomination than I expected…it’s not like I’m not going to vote Democratic even if my choice, Obama, isn’t the nominee.

I’ve been an Obama fan since I remember knowing about him. I visited Anna around the time of his Senate election, and I was pleased to see so many Barack Obama lawn signs as we drove around town. I was envious of Anna that she got to vote for him! : ) I’ve followed him with enthusiasm since and enjoyed hearing him at a rally on campus in 2005.

While hearing the returns last night, I got that nervous feeling in my gut when they were about to announce winners of various states. I’m just relieved that the Democrats have if any far fewer winner take all states than the Republicans.

Barack Obama Website