Update on Peaceful Prairie: Funds Still Needed

From the Vegan Etsy website:

For those interested, here is an update on the post about Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary.

Dear friend of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary,

We’re so close…but we still need more help to make it to the finish line!

We’ve been working feverishly behind the scenes on acquiring this property for several months now.

Thanks to your overwhelming response and generosity, we were able to make another cash offer for $97,000.00. Having consulted with, and been working, with Realtors and financial professionals, we had every reason to expect that offer to be accepted.

However, the property is owned by Fannie May and we are dealing with a hugely dysfunctional bureaucracy. They have countered our offer with an asking price of $115,000.00.

Although donations are still coming in, we need to raise another $15,000.00 ASAP.

If you use JustGive, as soon as your donation is recorded, we can show Fannie May that PPS has the funds. We won’t need to pay the sale price until the closing date of Dec. 17th, at which time, JustGive will have dispersed the funds.

Credit card donations can also be made through PayPal from our home page. http://www.peacefulprairie.org/help.html#donateButton

Thanks to so many of you, we’ve come amazingly close to making this sanctuary expansion and new education center a reality for generations to come!

Please spread the word and we’ll get there TOGETHER!

Thank You!

Michele Alley-Grubb
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

P.S. This property was originally listed at $255,000.00. Due to the market crash, the price has gradually been dropped to the final asking price of $119,000.00. If PPS can purchase it for $115,000.00 (even though we had hoped to get it for 100k), it will still be an unbeatable bargain and once in a lifetime opportunity!

Help Peaceful Prairie

I received this message on the UFETA listserv. It was also posted on the Vegan Etsy blog. I hope all who can will donate to Peaceful Prairie to help them expand their operation and keep the acerage near them cruelty free.

Dear Friend of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary,

We have an incredible opportunity to expand the sanctuary by 35 acres and to acquire a 4000 square foot home that will be converted into an Education Center and volunteer / intern housing and B&B for sanctuary visitors.

This kind of capital improvement to the sanctuary is 10 years overdue — but we now have the opportunity to purchase the property for $100,000.00.

Thanks to one VERY generous benefactor, we’ve already raised $70,000.00!!!

We need to raise the other $30,000.00 before the end of the week in order to make a cash offer on the property.

Another family has placed an offer and, due to the Agricultural zoning, they will have to use the land to enslave and exploit animals.

Please help us stop it before it starts, while simultaneously expanding the sanctuary and our ability to care for and advocate for countless more victims of the egg, dairy, flesh producers and consumers.

Time is of the essence – if you are able to contribute to this, please let me know right away.

Thank You!
Michele Alley-Grubb
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

To donate, please visit their site or go here.