Cat Quilt

cat quilt My aunt Lynnie made me this adorable cat quilt in purple (my favorite!) for Christmas. Isn’t it cute? Now, I need a matching dog quilt! ; )

We all have different arts and crafts that we enjoy. Grandma likes sewing and quilting, Lynnie likes quilting and once did a lot of counted cross stitch, Lizzie enjoys scrapbooking and paper arts, and my mother likes art projects. Kelli’s artistic sense has to do with fashion: hair, make-up, and style. My favorites are knitting and making jewelry, of course.

Paper Pot

klenexThis is the cutest Kleenex dispenser made! Lizzie gave it to me as a Christmas gift. I want one in the other available colors now!

The “paper pot” is sold by Uncommon Goods, an online/mail order company that offers creative, interesting, funky, and often handmade items. They have a laudable mission statement:

At UncommonGoods, we want to change the way business is conducted by making sustainability a part of every decision we make. Each month, employees from all areas of our company gather to discuss how we can make UncommonGoods more environmentally friendly, socially responsible and an ever-more rewarding place to work.

They feature items with recycled content, and their website says that no animals were harmed in the production processes of the products they sell. (The latter statement is not one I can verify; I seem to remember some items being non-vegan.)

Additionally, Uncommon Goods was a founding member of B Corporation. B Corporations are relatively new, but as far as I can tell, they are awesome. To become a B Corporation, organizations must meet certain environmental and social standards and adhere to higher accountability and transparency standards than traditional organizations. Social and environmental responsibility must be included in the mission statement and “in the DNA” of the company. (The list of B Corporations is here.)

What I am telling you, then, is that not only can you buy this paper pot without feeling guilty, you should buy this paper pot not just because it is awesomely cool but also because you’ll be giving your money to a great company.