2014 March for the Animals

PicMonkey Collage2In a few weeks, George, the dogs, and I are walking in the 2014 March for Animals to help the animals at the SPCA of Tompkins County. (You can see how much the dogs loved it last year!) We hope you will help us change the lives of homeless animals by sponsoring us in the March.

The SPCA, the nation’s first no-kill shelter, provides adoption services, educational programming, and cruelty investigations. It was through the SPCA that we adopted our beloved Norman. With donations like yours, the SPCA is able to continue its lifesaving work. Your generosity allows the SPCA to:

  • Save dogs from high-kill shelters in other communities by bringing them to Ithaca for adoption
  • Provide medical care for dogs and cats that have been victims of animal cruelty and neglect
  • Perform spay and neuter surgeries for low-income community members
  • Conduct SPCA summer camps to teach youth about animal care and kindness to animals

This year, the Ellis-Nosis family wants to raise $500 $800 for the SPCA. We hope you can help us by donating any amount. You can donate online through Firstgiving. You can also send a check made out to the SPCA directly to me (email me for my address). Or if you are local, join us in the March, which will be at Cornell Plantations on October 4.

Thank you so much for helping us help the animals!

WordPress or Blogger?

blog with mouseI’ve set up my WordPress blog, but I’m not sure if I like it any better than blogger. Admittedly, the design is cleaner, but blogger has more widgets and customization options. I know that self-hosted WordPress blogs have gillions of plug-ins and unlimited customization, but I’m not quite ready to jump into self-hosting. What do you think?

Future of Blogger

Blogger LogoWhen Google announced the death of Google Reader, I heard some commentators remark that Blogger would go that way soon. Sometimes, I don’t like the layout, but it is easy to use Blogger, and I’ve had this blog so long, everything is quite automatic. I do wonder if I should move to WordPress. I know it has devoted users. Any thoughts?

Read the Printed Word

In reading some blogs recently, I saw the following badge which intrigued me:


Read the Printed Word!

I like reading! I like the printed word! When I went to the website, I learned this is a movement not just to preserve books, newspapers, and magazine but to pledge to read the printed word in these forms. It doesn’t explicitly say that those taking the pledge must eschew digital readers, but the implication is there. I love books, and I don’t think I’ll ever not have them, but I also covet a digital reader, and I don’t think that is wrong either.

I find the pledge particularly ironic, though, because it is a blog badge, which, by definition, is digital!