Sick Sloane Monday Update

Sloane has gotten markedly worse since Friday. She is not eating, wobbles when she walks, can barely hold her head up, and has lost so much weight it is alarming. Although she purrs when I am around, she is obviously in great pain.

When she went into the animal hospital last month, the X-rays revealed an abnormality in her skull. The hope was the mass was an inner ear infection–the alternative was a tumor. Since Sloane has been on high-powered antibiotics for over a month and has gotten worse instead of better, it is very likely that the cause of her symptoms is a tumor rather than the inner ear infection we hoped it was. George suspects that the tumor has grown because Sloane’s entire jaw is sensitive and uncomfortable.

George took Sloane into the office today to see the doctors, but things look very, very bad. If they confirm that the culprit is a tumor, there is a little they can do for her, and the most humane action would be to end her suffering. It is the last thing in the world I want to do, but I cannot in good conscience let her hurt the way she is hurting. I see it in her eyes. I try to hold her, but she doesn’t want to be touched. The best way to take care of her right now is to end her pain.

UPDATE: Sloane died around 6:30 Arizona time. It was very quick, very peaceful. She was such a good cat, and my heart is broken that she is no longer with me, but she was hurting so much, I am relieved she is no longer suffering.

Pictures of Sloane

Quick Update

Gary has been here since Saturday helping George finish up the renovations. They tiled the master bathroom, installed the vanity and toilet, did all kinds of things in the garage, not to mention the activities through which I slept.

Meanwhile, I’ve been grading finals and finishing my dissertation final draft.

Sloane is still sick–she is so skinny now! She’s still on antibiotics and sounds congested. At the same time, she’s making progress.

Elita had her baby either last night or this morning–Lucas Luay Shino. Can’t wait to see him!

Sick Sloane Sunday Update

Sloane came home from the animal hospital Saturday. George has set up a convalescence area in the back for her to recuperate. She seems to be doing better. She purrs like crazy when I go into the room, and George says she is eating. I’m very relieved, but will be happy when she is back to normal. She looks a little ragged. Her tummy is shaved from the ultrasound, and she still has a catheter in her leg in case George needs to give her fluids. He’s been a great caretaker for her.

Sick Sloane Thursday Update

Sloane is still at the animal hospital and not doing well. They’ve given her steroids, which has been shown in some studies to help jolt cats out of this behavior, but Sloane doesn’t seem to be interested in food. George and the doctors at the clinic are keeping a good eye on her, so we’re hopeful. It does seem to be that this illness was caused by the changes in our house–workers making noise, visitors, and moved furniture. It’s heart wrenching that we can’t do anything to help her.

UPDATE: Tonight George said that the doctors X-rayed Sloane’s head and that the likely culprit of her illness is a severe inner ear infection. She is still at the hospital receiving antibiotics and fluids.

Thanks to the doctors and staff at VetMed for taking such good care of her!

Sick Sloane Update

Sloane is still very ill, and we are at a loss about her diagnosis. George has been force feeding her and giving her IV fluids, but she continues to hide under the bed or in the closet. Disturbingly, she has stopped using her litter box. George took her to work today. Maybe the doctors will be able to figure something out.