Smoky Mountain Nightmare

I recently watched a rerun of City Confidential: Gatlinburg, Smoky Mountain Nightmare. This show always profiles a city as well as a community-shaking crime.

In this episode, I found it interesting how Gaitlinburg is so tourist-oriented. To make peace with the influx of outsiders, locals view tourists as money-making opportunities. One favorite activity is tattooing. The Guinness World Records attraction has a mannequin of the tattooed lady.

One local church was next to a tattoo parlor, and the pastor said they were forced to move because of all the “riff-raff” who frequented the establishment. Of course, to the pastor, by definition those who go to the tattoo parlor are riff-raff. For him, I think the nightmare was not the crime but the presence of tattooed individuals.

I beg to differ!




Garbage Moguls on NatGeo

In the spring of 2009, National Geographic ran the pilot of “Garbage Moguls,” a show about TerraCycle, in conjunction with Earth Week. This happened right after Tom Szaky visited IC, and I was so excited. Since then, I’ve become a huge TerraCycle fan, perhaps even slightly obssessed!

I am just as excited now that National Geographic has annouced three new episodes of Garbage Moguls will air this Fall! The episodes air back-to-back this Saturday, 8/21 – (8 p.m. – 11 p.m. EST, but check your local listings to confirm). TerraCycle employees will be tweeting live – use the tag #garbagemoguls to participate. Visit their facebook site for a triva game they’re hosting during the show.

Here’s a flyer with all the details.

Today’s Doctor Who-ism

·        The Doctor: I thought you might be in trouble. 
Craig: Thanks. Oh, if I ever am, you can come and save me with my toothbrush.

Today’s Doctor Who-ism is really just an excuse to have a photo of shirtless Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, on my blog! This episode, the eleventh of the fifth series, has the Doctor impersonating a human to find out what is going on in the apartment above Craig’s. His undercover work has him posing as Craig’s flatmate, and, to protect himself from the unknown upstairs, he cannot use his sonic screwdriver or any alien technology. I found the episode hilarious as the Doctor really doesn’t blend into daily life well! It’s not as obvious as some aliens exposed to earth scenarios (e.g., Data on Star Trek Next Generation), but just as satisfying! I loved watching him cook…play soccer…go to work! Another amazing episode.

Doctor Who on BBC America