Smoky Mountain Nightmare

I recently watched a rerun of City Confidential: Gatlinburg, Smoky Mountain Nightmare. This show always profiles a city as well as a community-shaking crime.

In this episode, I found it interesting how Gaitlinburg is so tourist-oriented. To make peace with the influx of outsiders, locals view tourists as money-making opportunities. One favorite activity is tattooing. The Guinness World Records attraction has a mannequin of the tattooed lady.

One local church was next to a tattoo parlor, and the pastor said they were forced to move because of all the “riff-raff” who frequented the establishment. Of course, to the pastor, by definition those who go to the tattoo parlor are riff-raff. For him, I think the nightmare was not the crime but the presence of tattooed individuals.

I beg to differ!