Visit The Postman Loves Me

One of my other blogs, The Postman Loves Me, shares my college of vintage postcards. Today, I talk about this vintage postcard of the University of Chicago’s Cobb Hall. Take a look to read about the history of Cobb Hall and why it was significant to me.

Cobb Lecture Hall, University of Chicago Vintage Postcard


Fiverr: I Will Send You a Postcard

I had not heard of the online marketplace, Fiverr, until recently. At the site, people can offer services (such as drawing, logo creation, writing, editing) or products, called gigs, for $5.00. Some sellers offer additional services for added fees. Fiverr has a section for postcards, so I put up a gig for postcards from Ithaca. Please visit my fiverr page and let me know what you think!