What the #$%@?

I am appalled by one of the people interviewed for a story that was broadcast on today’s episode of “Morning Edition.”

In the story, Steve Inskeep provided a clip of an interview from Tina Graham, a Virginian and Democrat who doesn’t support McCain but also doesn’t think she can bring herself to vote for Obama.

She said: “Until [Obama] was nominated to run for president, I never really thought about whether or not that I was racist, or however you want to put it…It’s just the fact that I think that he will represent [African Americans] in what they want and in what they need and stuff, and forget about — you know, they’re his people, they’re his race.”

Hey, Tina, the question is answered. Guess what? You are a racist! Thanks for playing.

NPR Story

2 thoughts on “What the #$%@?

  1. All I can say is that you ought to live here in VA – at least this woman is being honest and not saying it’s because he’s “Muslim”….I do wonder why she thinks Obama’s mother and her family are not “his people”!

  2. It’s unfortunate that we still judge people by these external markers…My boyfriend responded similarly to you…why did this woman this Obama is not her people? As a person of mixed race, he is perfect!Your comment reminded me of my grandma’s church back home…when they were looking for a new minister, many people refused to support a female candidate just because they had the antiquated notion that ministers had to be male.

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