McCain Leads Pet Owner Poll (Despite Obama’s Action for Animals)

In an AP-Yahoo News survey of pet owners, McCain, who has a number of animals, was preferred by 42 percent of respondents, while Obama received endorsements from only 37%. I have to admit that Obama’s lack of a pet bothered me before I had decided whom to support in the primaries, but ultimately, decided that it was his position on animal issues that was more important. The Humane Society Legislative Fund regularly publishes scorecards assessing legislators’ position on animal-related issues. Obama took pro-animal positions on horse slaughter, animal fighting, and funding for enforcement of a number of laws. He received a score of 75. McCain, on the other hand, received a score of 25; his only pro-animal position was on horse slaughter. Animal lovers, feel confident in supporting Obama. He may not have companion animals of his own, but he is a friend to animals.

Story on
HSLF Scorecard (Adobe Reader Required)

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