Jarvik Out

Since 2006, Dr. Robert Jarvik, identified as an inventor of the artificial heart, has been the spokesperson for Pfizer’s Lipitor cholesterol drug. Today, Pfizer announced Jarvik would no longer be the face of the advertising campaign. The New York Times reports a number of issues raised by a Congressional committee focused on direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising:

  1. Though Jarvik is a doctor, he is not licensed to practice medicine, and some viewers of the commercials may mistake his pitch as medical advice.
  2. Claims that Jarvik invented the artificial heart have been disputed, and currently, Jarvik’s company advocates a timeline other researchers challenge.
  3. The ads falsely represent Jarivk, e.g., show him as a rower when in fact he doesn’t engage in the sport.

I personally am glad he’ll no longer be omnipresent on the telly because I find him slimy and disgusting.

New York Times Article

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