Fridge Friday

I joined a group on flickr called “Fridge Friday.” As you can deduce from the name, each Friday, members shoot their fridges and post. This is the kind of thing I love. I’m very invested in regular routines. (I’ve clicked on The Animal Rescue Site home page every day for five years, no joke.) Additionally, the National Blog Posting Month theme for July is FOOD. In the interest of double dipping (or the very non-vegan “killing two birds with one stone”*), I decided to post the sad shot of my fridge that I took today.

Our belongings still aren’t in Ithaca, nor is my car. Before George went back to Phoenix, we went to the Salvation Army and bought two plates, a bowl, and two sets of silverware. Later, I got a baking sheet at Wegman’s. This constraint meant that we avoided buying anything at the grocery store that required a pot or pan (not to mention a spatula, big spoon, or measuring cup) for preparation. That left sandwiches, cereal, and frozen dinners. Unfortunately, my bread became moldy quickly (the humidity?). Normally, I would have Silk Soy Milk, but I used the last of it in a bowl of cereal earlier in the day. In the fridge are: hamburger buns, vegan butter, leftovers (hummus, dumplings, and gluten/pepper stir fry…not all from the same meal). Most importantly, it is stocked with three cases of Diet Coke (caffeine free for evenings, full of caffeine for the a.m.). George and I went grocery shopping before he left, but without a car, I’m not keen on walking home with a load of groceries.

Tomorrow, George should be here with the moving van and my truck, so we can start eating as usual. Hmmm…I’m not sure how different the fridge will be next week.

* When I first became vegetarian in 1997, I bought every vegetarian cookbook I could find, and I am sure that one of them contained non-vegan idioms with compassionate alternatives, but I have no idea which one it was. Recently, I looked through the cookbooks I have now, and couldn’t find it, but maybe I overlooked it. Anyone know?