Yes on CA Prop 12!

Please spread the word to vote Yes on 12 to protect millions of farm animals in California. And if you live in California, be sure to vite for the animals on Tuesday!

From the Farm Sanctuary:

If California Prop 12 passes, it will help prevent some of the worst forms of cruel confinement of animals on farms in California and beyond. Although this measure won’t end factory farming, it will criminalize some of the most egregious industry practices and will ban the sale of certain animal derived consumer products in California. On November 6, vote #Yeson12, and SHARE this to encourage your friends in California to do the same! More at: Yes on Prop 12 – Prevent Cruelty California

Election Day

In most of New York, polls were open from noon – nine o’clock p.m. I arrived at my polling station around 12:15 and cast the eleventh ballot. The vote was close in my district (the 23rd Congressional District of New York), and the board of elections has not yet declared a winner. For some reason, my polling station does not give out “I Voted” stickers–what a bummer!