Antje Duvekot in Syracue

antje duvekot

Everyone aboard on the merry-go-round
Some things will rise up so that others come down
If the devil don’t dance, heaven won’t shine
It’s a mighty thick haze and it’s a pretty thin line
If the facuet is tightened up the love won’t flow
If the love isn’t bright enough the corn won’t grow
If the night isn’t dark enough the moon won’t glow

~Antje Duvekot, Merry-Go-Round

Songs That Never Get Old

Yesterday, I found myself captivated by YouTube…I spend a portion of the morning watching Ellis Paul, Richard Shindell, Dar Williams, and Antje Duvekot perform my favorite songs. Way to go bootleg videographers!

Watching Shindell perform “Transit,” a song I love, I recalled a conversation Lezli and I had many months ago at Bead World. One Saturday morning, Train’s “Meet Virginia” came on the radio, and I mentioned that I loved it. She said that she remembered when my ringback tone on my cell phone was “Meet Virigina.”

That got us to talking about songs that, for us, never get old. I decided to put a play list on my iPod of songs of which I never tire. So far, the list is small…

  • Pearls (Antje Duvekot)
  • Ocean (Dar Williams)
  • Closer to Fine (Indigo Girls)
  • Meet Virginia (Train)
  • God’s Promise (Ellis Paul)

I am always thinking of new songs to add to the list…what about you? Are there songs of which you never tire? What are they?

Ellis Paul/Antje Duvekot Concert

We flew to San Diego to see Ryan and Jodi and attend the Ellis Paul concert with Antje Duvekot opening (hosted by Acoustic Music San Diego). Obviously, I was completely giddy. I would have been over the moon just to see Ellis Paul, but I didn’t expect how phenomenal Antje would be. After the concert, it took me some time to gather the courage to ask if I could have a picture taken with them…George was so embarrassed, he hardly paid attention, hence the blurry image.