Leaping Bunny

Are you familiar with this symbol, the “leaping bunny”? The certification is awarded to companies who voluntarily eliminate animal testing from their ingredients and finished products and agree to The Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals. Administered by the Coalition for Consumer Information on cosmetics, it is the most stringent certification for no animal testing, and is backed up by independently performed audits.

I look for the leaping bunny whenever I shop for personal care or household products. Want to know if a company whose products you use are certified? The Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide is available online or an an app for the iPhone or android phone.

Here’s a short video that explains why you should choose cruelty-free:

Early Animal Rights Poem

Today, NPR reported on “The Mouse’s Petition,” what may be the first animal rights poem. Written in 1773 by Anna Lætitia Aikin, a lab assistant to Joseph Priestly, the poem is written from the point of view of one of the many mice in Priestly’s tuberculosis lab.

For here forlorn and sad I sit,
Within the wiry grate;
And tremble at th’ approaching morn,
Which brings impending fate.

The well-taught philosophic mind
To all compassion gives;
Casts round the world an equal eye,
And feels for all that lives.

If mind, as ancient sages taught,
A never dying flame,
Still shifts through matter’s varying forms,
In every form the same,

Beware, lest in the worm you crush
A brother’s soul you find;
And tremble lest thy luckless hand
Dislodge a kindred mind.

NPR Story
Entire Poem on University of Maryland website