Academy of Management Meeting

I am in Anaheim, California for the annual Academy of Management meeting. Yesterday was a rough day of travel, so today could only be better. I’ve seen a few old friends and have been busy with work-related duties, so the few days I’m here will go quickly. And while in my hotel room, I’ve found I’ve been captivated by Olympic coverage, of swimming and gymnastics anyway.

Grumpy Grammar Facist

At the ninth hour, I finished my reviews for this year’s Academy of Management meeting. I feel loyal to several divisions, so for the past few years, I’ve volunteered to read for the GDO (Gender and Diversity), OB (Organizational Behavior), and SIM (Social Issues in Management) divisions. We can receive up to three reviews per division. (Next year, I will be more conservative.)

This year, I got five submissions total to read. While they were all interesting, in all but two cases, I wanted to put a screwdriver through my ear when reading the manuscripts. It felt like they were written in another language and put through an automatic translator without any follow-up editing. Struggling to understand the meaning of the sentences, I sometimes forgot to evaluate the content. Although I know it’s important for the Academy to be international in scope, the language of our convention is English, and if the papers can’t be communicated in English, it’s hard for me to see a place for them on the program. My very late attention to this task did not help my mood, either.