Bottle Cap Magnets

I made these bottle cap magnets for an “Altered Bottle Caps” swap on Swap-Bot. The images on the magnets in the top picture came from a Great Lakes Company “Commodore Perry” beer box. George’s Thursday night beer tastings do come in handy for something!

bottlecap magnets

bottle cap magnet


it’s 3.14 – happy pi day!

happy pi day

I participated in a Swap-Bot pi day card/postcard swap. I send the top left card, which I purchased on zazzle. I received the rainbow pi and pi-rate cards from my partners in the swap. More about pi day can be found on the pi day site.

Kiwi’s Blogger Follower Swap #3

I am participating in another blog swap facilitated by swap-bot and hosted by “kiwivandal.” While I usually use swap-bot for postcard exchanges, sometimes I do blog swaps, too. It’s fun to see new and different ideas! My partners’ blogs are:

For my partners who are here because of the swap, welcome – or feel free to visit my vintage postcard blog, The Postman Loves Me.

Tote Bag Swap

Occasionally, on swap-bot, I try different types of swaps, like last month’s tote bag swap. On these swaps, you never know what you are going to get – sometimes, it’s great, sometimes, not so much. (For the record, I sent my swap partner a Greenstar canvas bag.)

I was lucky, though, because I got a very cool bag from my swap partner. It’s a perfect size and shape for the baby blanket knitting project I’m working on for Anna’s baby.

Monthly Tote Bag Swap #2

More Blogs for Browsing

I’m in a second swap-bot swap for blog authors called, “I’m a Blogger; Follow Me.” I have a diverse set of partners, including many outside the United States!

Check out their blogs, and while you’re at it, check out my postcard blog!

Blogs for Browsing

Swap-bot is one of the sites through which I exchange postcards. At times, I do other swaps as well, like a current swap “Be My Blog Follower.” My partners’ blogs are below! I will be reading these blogs, and hope you will, too.

While you are in a mood to browse blogs, please don’t forget about my postcard blog!