GM Recall Project

For one of my classes, I’m working on a project related to the GM ignition switch recall housed on WordPress: The GM Ignition Switch Recall Site. Until early May, the deadline for the project, I’ll continue building the site.

I could really use your help! I am looking for people to take a quick survey about the recall, and respondents do not need to have owned a GM or been involved in an ignition switch related crash. For the site, I’m also putting together a gallery of key-ring photographs. If you could complete the survey and/or send me a copy of your key-ring, I would really appreciate it!

If you were one of the folks affected by the recall, I’d love to hear about your experience with the recall process. If you are willing, please send me photographs of your vehicle and/or recall notice or anything else you would be receptive to sharing.

Current Stats:

2.7 million cars recalled

84 deaths (as confirmed by GM compensation fund)

almost 1,200 injuries (as confirmed by GM compensation fund)

Photo credit: St. Croix County (WI) Sheriff’s Office