Green Vegetarian

I spent all day doing information interviews, so it was quite a treat to end the day with dinner at Green Vegetarian. I’d eaten breakfast there on Sunday with Christy, and I only wish I’d had time for more trips to the restaurant. On Sunday, we each had delicious french toast which was served with a wonderfully seasoned tofu scramble. Tonight for dinner, I decided to go Tex-Mex since it was my last evening in San Antonio. The meal didn’t disappoint!

Green Vegetarian

I wish I could take food home with me! Here’s my meal before I devoured it: enchiladas with daiya cheese, rice, and refried beans:


Because it wasn’t in walking distance of the hotel, I took the #2 bus, which had a stop just a block away. In the other direction, though, the closest bus stop was half a mile, so going back, I took a cab. I always think taking public transportation when traveling is a fun adventure.

Brunch at ABC Cafe

I love sweet and savory for breakfast. Originally, I ordered vegan pancakes but they were out of vegan pancake batter. They offered vegan french toast instead, and it turned out well because I liked the french toast better! The food at ABC Cafe is great, but sometimes the service is less than desirable and they don’t have sodas, so I’m often of two minds about eating there.