Obama Clinches Nomination

According to CNN.com, Barack Obama has earned enough delegates to secure the democratic nomination. I am thrilled with this development!


Obama Wins Big!

Today, Barack Obama swept the so-called Potomac primaries. I really hope the nomination doesn’t come down to the superdelegates. I’m sure that Clinton has many favors to call in, a la the godfather…some day, and that day may never come…

NPR report

Barack Obama

Driving home last night, I listened to the NPR Super Tuesday election coverage. I found myself caring much more about who gets the democratic nomination than I expected…it’s not like I’m not going to vote Democratic even if my choice, Obama, isn’t the nominee.

I’ve been an Obama fan since I remember knowing about him. I visited Anna around the time of his Senate election, and I was pleased to see so many Barack Obama lawn signs as we drove around town. I was envious of Anna that she got to vote for him! : ) I’ve followed him with enthusiasm since and enjoyed hearing him at a rally on campus in 2005.

While hearing the returns last night, I got that nervous feeling in my gut when they were about to announce winners of various states. I’m just relieved that the Democrats have if any far fewer winner take all states than the Republicans.

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