Boston, Day Four

Boston MFA

Our fourth (third full) day in Boston was rainy and overcast – the perfect day for a trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, admission which was part of our CityPASS. The MFA had just opened an enormous new wing in November, so there was a lot of excitement through the air. Even though contemporary art is always my favorite section in museums, I thought we should go through the museum chronologically. It was clear that George and I were going through the exhibits at different rates (he was enthralled by the boat models – snooze), so we separated and kept tabs via text messages. It worked out better that way.

The museum has a great collection of Asian art, and so many Buddhas! I loved it. The MFA had some Georgia O’Keeffee paintings I hadn’t seen before, and also the Winslow Homer, “Boys in a Pasture” which is currently on 44 cent stamps. I also enjoyed the folk art collection:

folk art

I’m kicking myself, though, for not taking photographs of one of my most treasured memories of the trip. That evening, I went to dinner with a dear, dear friend from college whom I hadn’t seen in over ten years. It was as though no time has passed at all – it was so good to see her. I hope another ten years doesn’t pass before we meet again.

Meatout Mondays

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Why go vegan?

  • To save the animals
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Even one day a week can make a difference.
In a recent Meatout Mondays newsletter, my friend Roni Seabury from DaisyWares was featured as the inspirational story. She is an inspiration! She is compassionate and kind. Her jewelry and bath/body products are awesome! Roni works tirelessly for animals. Not only does she donate a portion of the proceeds from DaisyWares to Animal Place, she is constantly involved in fundraisers for that and other animal organizations.
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We Love Guests!

Aimee and Jen
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Some of our favorite Arizona folks, Jen and Brian, who are on a massive road trip around the US, came to Ithaca last night. We showed them Ithaca Falls, ate at Moosewood, and walked around the Commons. This morning, we tried to go to ABC but it was closed, so we ate at State Street Diner instead. Jen and Brian are on a tight schedule, so we had time to drive around the IC and Cornell campuses, then they had to get back on the road. George, Walter, and I were all so happy they visited and very sad to see them go. (Harvey was a little relieved. ; ) )

Jen and Brian are on to New York City. We wish them fun and safe travels!

More photos here.