Frozen Banana Bites

frozen chocolate banana bitesOn hot and humid days like today, a cool treat provides some relief from the oppressive air. Something new I tried recently was making frozen banana bites. If I made it, truly absolutely anyone can do it.



Peanut Butter

Vegan Chocolate


Cut bananas into slices about 1/4th of an inch. Put a glob of peanut butter on a banana slice and top with a second slice. Put into freezer until solid. (You could experiment with waiting to freeze the bites until after covered with chocolate, but mine were too unstable to cover without freezing first.)

Melt chocolate. I used about half a bag of Enjoy Life Mega Chunks and melted the chunks in the microwave. The melted chocolate was a little thick, so I diluted it with water. Using a fork, I submerged the bites into the melted chocolate and then placed them in a plastic container. They fit in a single layer. If you have a smaller container, use wax paper to keep bites from freezing together.

Put back in freezer for several hours.


frozen banana chocolate bites

National Donut Day

Often, these national recognition days are established by industry groups promoting a product category. When I looked up the origin of National Donut Day, I was surprised to find that the day was first recognized in 1938 by the Salvation Army to commemorate the volunteers (“doughgirls”) who distributed donuts to soldiers on the front lines (Fagan, 2009), although another source (Shanoon, 2014) refers to the volunteers as “donut lassies.” One blog recounts a story in which a POW in Hanoi during the Vietnam War convinced his captors that the Marine Corps birthday was known as National Donut Day (Dolbow, 2009). The guards were moved to serve sticky buns to the prisoners during November 1968.

Big Honking Donut at VooDoo DoughnutsNational Donut Day or not, I love donuts. I remember them from quick stops at the E-Z Shop convenience store before school and as a treat on Saturday mornings after sleepovers with my best friend from sixth grade, Betsy R. When I lived in Oklahoma and had a long commute to work, I occasionally stoped for locally made treats.

Since I became vegan, though, I haven’t eaten donuts so much (which is perhaps a blessing). If I have the opportunity, though, I don’t pass it by. I had a delicious vegan glazed donut at Rise Above in St. Catheriene’s Ontario a few years ago. When a particular strong and unyielding craving struck about two years ago, I ordered a dozen through Vegan Essentials.

Last summer, visiting Portland, Oregon, I nearly cried with joy to learn that the famous Voodoo Doughnut offered a wide variety of vegan pastries. (Why no bakery in Ithaca offers vegan donuts is a mystery to me. Another instance of ITH being overrated, though I digress.) Apparently, the bakery has been featured on a number of foodie shows and publications. Consequently, during the day, the line extended down the block and doubled back amounting to an hour or so wait. The line did not deter me. I ate nearly 300 it seems, so it’s probably good that I was only there a week. The flavors I tried were as good if not better than non-vegan donuts. I can still smell the shop and taste the frosting! If I could teleport there right this minute, I would. They’re right, the donuts are magic. Nom nom nom.

Variety of Vegan Donuts at Voodoo Doughnuts
Store front Voodoo Doughnuts
Store front Voodoo Doughnuts