May 3

Grandpa and Aimee @ Turner Falls - Oklahoma

Jack C. Weldon, 1925 – 2004

Today would have been Grandpa’s 90th birthday. I miss him every day.



Moo and Speedy

We adopted Moo and Speedy from the Tompkins County SPCA. They are so sweet and curious, very interested in people. A downside is their cages get stinkier much more quickly than Sigmund’s (hamster) and Mr. Doodles’ (gerbil). Thank goodness cage duty falls into George’s realm of responsibilities.

Cat Quilt

cat quilt My aunt Lynnie made me this adorable cat quilt in purple (my favorite!) for Christmas. Isn’t it cute? Now, I need a matching dog quilt! ; )

We all have different arts and crafts that we enjoy. Grandma likes sewing and quilting, Lynnie likes quilting and once did a lot of counted cross stitch, Lizzie enjoys scrapbooking and paper arts, and my mother likes art projects. Kelli’s artistic sense has to do with fashion: hair, make-up, and style. My favorites are knitting and making jewelry, of course.