Dissertation Deposited

Yesterday, I schlepped nine copies of my dissertation to the bookstore, in the very final step of this process. (My family is very excited about my Ph.D., so they all want bound copies, plus we have to provide two copies to the school for the library.) It was a total relief to hand them over and to know that now I am totally, finally finished.

I did, however, have serious sticker shock. I knew that I had to pay a $55 charge to deposit the document, as well as a $20 per copy binding fee. I did not anticipate all the other little charges that made me drop my jaw. Each of the seven copies for myself and my family cost $5 for a mailing charge. I also had to pay for mailing envelopes. The worst charge was for the length of my title. I went one character over the limit for the second tier ($5/book), so I had to pay an additional $13 per copy for a freaking “s.” All total, I paid the bookstore $388. (I should say Grandma paid the bookstore, since she helped fund this operation.)

I will officially graduate in August 2008, and the bound copies should arrive in approximately 4 months.


A Sigh of Relief

My dissertation defense is scheduled, and a draft of the document is in the hands of ASU’s format police. Though the process isn’t finished yet, I’ve made exponential progress in the last couple of weeks, and, finally, an end is in sight. Yea!

Help the Honey Bees

HaagenDazs ice cream has launched a new campaign to help honey bees. Appealing to our selfish instincts, they point out that bees are essential to many of the wonderful foods we eat, including ice cream. When people eat flavors like Vanilla Honey Bee Ice Cream, HaagenDazs is donating money to support honey bee and sustainable pollination research. Of course, advertisements like the one I saw today are helping raise awareness of the honey bee crisis. Related to my dissertation, the company is giving employees flower seeds to plant bee-friendly gardens in their yards as well as sponsoring volunteer days where employees can help create bee-friendly gardens in their communities.

Though I don’t care about ice cream, I do care about honey bees, and I’m glad HaagenDazs has instituted this campaign.

Help the Honey Bees Website

So That’s Why My Dissertation Isn’t Finished Yet

As reported in yesterday’s Chronicle of Higher Education, an informal study in Nature magazine indicates that up to 20% of academics have taken pharmaceuticals (specifically Ritalin, Provigil, or beta blockers) to increase their brain power–memory, concentration, and focus. Maybe if I had engaged in such pursuits, my dissertation would be finished!

Instead of the dangerous and addictive path of drug use, I’ve decided to hire a statistical consultant to help me finish my data analysis. While not dangerous and not addictive, the consultant is certainly as expensive if not more expensive than the misused prescription drugs.

Can you hear the change in my tin cup banging?

Dissertation Despair

Many delays on the dissertation due to data analysis trouble. My model has formative and reflective latent constructs which means that writing the syntax for the data analysis is a little tricky, not to mention understanding the theory behind why the constructs are modeled differently. One of the prominent researchers in this area is on the Marketing faculty at ASU, and she has kindly agreed to meet with me this week. I’m hopeful that with her advice, I will have an acceleration in my progress.

All in all, though, the process is making me feel very despondent and unhappy. I’m incredibly stressed, and I’m having horrible headaches daily. I really can’t wait until this is over.