WordPress or Blogger?

blog with mouseI’ve set up my WordPress blog, but I’m not sure if I like it any better than blogger. Admittedly, the design is cleaner, but blogger has more widgets and customization options. I know that self-hosted WordPress blogs have gillions of plug-ins and unlimited customization, but I’m not quite ready to jump into self-hosting. What do you think?

Future of Blogger

Blogger LogoWhen Google announced the death of Google Reader, I heard some commentators remark that Blogger would go that way soon. Sometimes, I don’t like the layout, but it is easy to use Blogger, and I’ve had this blog so long, everything is quite automatic. I do wonder if I should move to WordPress. I know it has devoted users. Any thoughts?

Paws for Japan: Helping Japan’s Animals

Sparkles is a beautiful, blogging kitty who is very sad (as am I) about the horrors experienced by the people and animals of Japan. Her human is donating a dollar to World Vets for every comment made on her blog today. Please go visit and say hello – what a fun and easy way for us to help those animals in Japan who have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami. You can also visit a ton of other blogs who are helping Japan’s animals today through the links at the bottom of the entry.

Sparkle’s Commentathon

Want to know more about helping the animals of Japan? Here are some organizations working right now that need donations of money and supplies. Every little bit helps, so please make a donation today.

2011 Book Challenge

Lauren’s post “TBR Challenge 2011” introduced me to the “to be read” challenge sponsored by the Book Addicts! group on Goodreads. (My book montage on the blog’s sidebar comes from Goodreads.) For the challenge, members choose twelve books and two alternates to read during 2011. These must be books published before 2010, in other words, books that have been on the to-read list for quite some time. I decided to join, and I picked the following books:

BookBox: embed book widget, share book list

Because they are mysteries, the books I’m choosing as alternates are:

Hopefully, I will be more successful reading in 2011 than I was in 2010 – I didn’t even finish 25 books last year!

Kiwi’s Blogger Follower Swap #3

I am participating in another blog swap facilitated by swap-bot and hosted by “kiwivandal.” While I usually use swap-bot for postcard exchanges, sometimes I do blog swaps, too. It’s fun to see new and different ideas! My partners’ blogs are:

For my partners who are here because of the swap, welcome – or feel free to visit my vintage postcard blog, The Postman Loves Me.