In Memory of Barbara Keats

Over the weekend, I learned that Barbara Keats, one of the faculty in the Management Department at Arizona State University, passed away unexpectedly on September 1. The news has been difficult for me. Barbara was such a kind person in general and to me in particular. She was the course coordinator for two classes I taught at ASU – Collaborative Team Skills and Responsible Leadership. Because of that, I worked fairly close with her when I was prepping the courses. She was so generous with her time and resources – and was willing to help me with any thorny student issues – a huge relief for a graduate student! Barbara was passionate about the service learning component of the Responsible Leadership class and that contributed to my own belief in the benefits of service learning for students.

In addition to her support of my teaching, Barbara was also an animal lover, and we had so many discussions about our animals. She was always the first to sponsor me when I had a fundraising event. Barbara also showed lots of interest in my jewelry and often bought pieces from my Etsy store.

Something you may not know about Barbara is that she had a Masters in Divinity, which she earned while teaching (I think a regular course load, too). She exemplified the Catholicism associated with social justice.

After I moved to Ithaca, I became so busy, I wasn’t in touch with Barbara as much as I wish I would have been, which I regret now. I do take some comfort in remembering her as a generous, kind, sincere, and authentic woman. I know she touched many lives and will be greatly missed.

Barbara’s Obituary


Howdy, Partner!

This cute little cactus is in our backyard, and every time I see it, I smile. I always imagine it waving at me and saying, “Howdy.” All it needs is a cowboy hat and bandanna!

Excessive Heat Advisory

For several days in a row, we’ve been under an EXCESSIVE HEAT ADVISORY in Phoenix. I scream this because it is uncomfortable and icky, as I’ve said before, like walking into an oven. Other summers, I could tolerate the triple digits because of the mild winters, but this winter will be anything but mild!

I added Ardmore because my mother has been on me to do so. I am going to San Diego and then on to Ardmore…the weather will be better but the humidity in Oklahoma is trying.

One More Month

It seems like I should be busy going to museums, eating at restaurants I love, and so on, but I am totally broke, so I am just hanging out at home with George and the dogs. Also, it is so hot, it’s not even fun to venture outside during the day.

Hit and Run

This morning, at 6:30 a.m., George called and told me the sheriff would be coming by. I wasn’t quite awake, so at first, I thought he’d called the sheriff on me for some reason, but I couldn’t think of any offenses that merited that treatment! Then he explained that our mailbox was the victim of a senseless hit and run accident last night. After we said goodbye, I went to look at the carnage. Victims: the mailbox, the mailbox stand, and two trees. Evidence: several pieces of the car, including a piece of bumper with a sticker listing a portion of the VIN.

When the sheriff’s deputy came to the door later in the morning, he said, “You called us?” I told him, “Someone hit our mailbox.” His reply: “What mailbox?” since he couldn’t see it as it had been flung off it’s pedestal several feet. Soon, a second deputy arrived. The dogs and I could hardly handle the excitement…two sheriff’s vehicles in our driveway, lights flashing.
With the car parts the driver left after his (or her) accident, it is likely the sheriff’s department will be able to find the perpetrator and achieve justice for the mailbox and fallen trees. In all seriousness, there is a huge problem with drivers in New River. The roads, many dirt, are two lane and curvy, yet drivers are impatient and/or drunk. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the person driving the car was under the influence.