B O O K R E V I E W : The Kindness Workbook by Robin Raven

I can think of no better book to begin 2022 with than The Kindness Workbook by Robin Raven which I hope will set the tone for the new year!

Divided into two sections, one focused on being kinder to yourself, the other on spreading kindness to others, the interactive workbook is full of activities to promote compassion, establish priorities, and develop loving-kindness.  

A reader could go through the exercises from the beginning to the end of the book or pick and choose the ones that resonate. I particularly appreciated the variety—some focused on written reflection but others on music or using art. Each one also included a “keep it going” strategy. I also liked that Raven acknowledged negative emotions and avoided toxic positivity.

One of Raven’s exercises is to start a Kindness Book Club, beginning with a list of inspirational books as well as those that promote empathy, like anti-racism books. Which one(s) would you include?

Thanks to Let’s Talk Books Promo, Robin Raven, and @simonandschuster/ @adams_media for including me on the book tour and for a gifted copy of the book! Thanks also to Robin for the signed bookplate, bookmark, postcard, and stickers!