B O O K R E V I E W : Murder Most Festive by Ada Moncrieff

Murder Most Festive
Ada Moncrieff
Publication Date: October 12, 2021

Lady Westbury, whose party invitations are the envy of the upper crust, has opened Christmas festivities beyond her immediate family. Able to negotiate any social milieux, she is excited to bring together a diverse cast of chat including MP Anthony De Havilland. However, even her skills aren’t sufficient to restore calm and order when one of the guests in found dead in the snow on Christmas morning.

David Campbell-Scott, a war hero, had made his fortune abroad, and this was his first trip home in almost ten years. With the gun nearby and only one set of tracks leading to the body, the local constable is quick to declare it a death by suicide.

Hugh Gaveston, the closest friend of the Westbury’s daughter, Lydia, and amateur detective, doubts this pronouncement and as an amateur detective decides to investigate. As he questions the motives of each guest, he uncovers shocking secrets.

Although I like cozy mysteries all year, there’s something especially fitting about reading them during the holiday season, and MURDER MOST FESTIVE was a satisfying and enjoyable book in this category! Set in 1938, the book draws on an earlier writing style reminiscent of Agatha Christie. While at times it can be a little awkward, it also is fitting for the book. I did figure out the identity of the killer early, but I still enjoyed the narrative, and I thought the characters were well-developed and interesting. I would definitely read another book featuring Hugh.

Thank you to @poisonedpenpress for the gifted copy!

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