B L O G T O U R : An Accidental Odyssey by kc dyer

Thank you to Berkley Publishing for inviting me on the book tour for An Accidental Odyssey by k.c. dyer and for a gifted copy of the book!

Gianna “Gia” Kostas is on the threshold of major life changes. She’s just completed an internship at NOSH—without a permanent job offer on the table but is set to marry Anthony Hearst, one of the most eligible bachelors in New York. On her way to a cake tasting with the most talked about—and expensive—baker in the city, Gia receives an earth-shattering call.

Her father, Dr. Aristotle Kostas, suffered a stroke and was admitted to the hospital. Long estranged, Gia and Ari had just been making headway on repairing their relationship. The next morning when Gia visits, Ari has checked himself out—and left his prescription in the room! Unable to find him, she pressures his graduate assistant to reveal Ari’s plans and learns he went to Greece.

Worried about her father and irritated with his irresponsibility, Gia hops on a flight to Greece (as one does) planning to give Ari his medicine and a stern talking to and then immediately return to New York. Once she finds Ari, she learns that his heart and mind are set on recreating Odysseus’s famous voyage. A retired Classics professor, Ari has a theory he’s determined to prove to leave his mark on the field and make Gia proud of him. With an unexpected job offer and opportunity to spend time with her father—and keep an eye on him—Gia decides to accompany him on his travels around the Mediterranean.

Aided by archeologist Dr. Rajnish “Raj” Malik, as well as a full cast of secondary characters who love the warm-hearted and bigger-than-life Aristotle Kostas, Gia realizes there’s more to her father than she realized, and they are both surprised to uncover shocking family history that changes everything. As Gia comes into her own as a daughter and writer, she begins to question her future.

The setting for the book is exquisite, and Gia’s travel writing is sure to make you hungry for Mediterranean food—if not hungry to travel to Greece and Italy! It was fun to see how dyer recreated some of Odysseus’s traps for Gia as she and Ari retraced his route.

I enjoyed Gia and her snarky comments (except I’d have been happier if she hadn’t said “just saying” as much) as well as her friendship with her BFF Devi. Because I went on an archeology dig in college, I also liked revisiting that environment! Herman, the bird, was a highlight.

The book is primarily about Gia and Ari’s relationship as well as Gia learning what she wants from a romantic partner with the romance secondary. I loved Raj and wish there had been more scenes with him but I understand why they were somewhat limited.

A great choice for fans of Float Plan, People We Meet on Vacation, and The Invisible Husband of Frick Island.

kc dyer / Author photo © Martin Chung

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