B O O K T O U R: Termination Shock

Thank you [partner] @bibliolifestyle and @williammorrowbooks for including me on the book tour for Termination Shock by Neal Stephenson and for a gifted copy of the book which published on November 16, 2021.

In the near-future world of the novel, climate change has led to (even worse) superstorms, rising sea levels and flooding, heat waves, and deadly pandemics.

A billionaire, T.R. Schmidt, Ph.D.—made wealthy through a chain of restaurants—develops a master plan for reversing global warming from his Texas ranch. His hubristic “Big Idea” may just save earth—or hasten its decline. While the narrative traverses continents, it’s grounded in the humanity of the characters.

Termination Shock manages to pull off a rare trick, at once wildly imaginative and grounded, and readers who go in for this world-building will likely leave with a heightened concern for all the ways in which we are actively making the planet inhospitable…this novel is both a response to a deeply broken reality, and an attempt to alter it.—The New York Times

I am a fan of eco-fiction (or “clifi”) so am very excited to read more of this epic novel. I’m guarding it closely because I think my husband will likely try to abscond with it!

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