R E V I E W: The Twelve Days of Snowball by Kristen McKanagh

Adorable kitty Snowball, a lovable troublemaker, recently found her forever family at the Weber Haus bed and breakfast settling in as greeter, entertainer, and sometimes matchmaker. Her first success, in fact, was getting Emily and Lukas together. She loves everyone but Daniel Aarons, a ruggedly handsome contractor—who almost ruined her plans.

This Christmas, though, brings a new manager to the growing inn, Sophie Heidt, who had been betrayed at work and in love by her last boyfriend.

A master snoop, Snowball realizes that that Sophie and Daniel have a growing attraction to each other. But when Emily has family emergency and Lukas and owner Miss Tilly leave with her, entrusting the inn to Sophie, Daniel’s interference infuriates Sophie. Snowball knows she’ll have to be more proactive to get these two together —and her best plans involve causing trouble!

Told from three points of view—Sophie’s, Daniel’s, and Snowball’s, The Twelve Days of Snowball is a cute Christmas enemies-to-lovers romance. I enjoyed how “The Twelve Days of Christmas” was humorously woven into the novel. Giselle, Sophie’s nemesis in planning the Christmas Market on the Weber Haus grounds, was fun to hate. The second half of the book, in particular, moved quickly, as Sophie and Daniel began to admit their feelings but face unexpected obstacles. And of course, Snowball was precious throughout!

Thanks to Kristen McKanagh and Let’s Talk Books Promo for including me on the tour and for a signed, gifted copy of the book!