Book Review: THE LAST ONE, a blurred line between reality and reality television

I read The Last One by Alexandra Olivia about two years ago, and I still think about it, so it seemed a perfect book to share for #throwbookthursday.

One of twelve contestants in a reality game show, Zoo navigates checkpoints in a remote wilderness area. But as she completes the challenges marked with her assigned color, she encounters widespread devastation that she forces herself to believe is constructed as obstacles to the contestants. The alternative would be unbearable.

Early in the The Last One, the nearsighted Zoo loses her glasses, and after that, her vision betrays her as much as her reality. As someone who is extremely blind without glasses or contacts, the idea of navigating a challenging wilderness without sight is harrowing!

I thoroughly enjoyed the world created by Alexandra Olivia and the questions it raised about loyalty, obedience, the role of the media (and reality television) as well as the challenges and necessity of perseverance in the face of mounting despair.

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