Women in Translation Month

August was Women in Translation Month which started as an annual observance in 2014. According to LitHub, founder book blogger Meytal Radzinski, in an interview with the American Literary Translators Association in 2016, “discussed how the relative dearth of translated literature by women in English-language markets is a problem rooted in the biases of both (predominantly male) translators and publishers” (30% vs. 70%). #WITmonth celebrates women writers in translation and encourages people to read, discuss, and recommend their books!⁣

If you don’t know where to start, Book Riot published an article with 50 suggestions for translated literature by women. My favorite on the list is So Long a Letter by Mariama Bâ.

Two Lines Press publishes translated work, many by women. I ordered three books and received this gorgeous tote which you can tell I’ve used because it’s already covered in pug glitter!⁣

Publishing ten books in translation each year, Open Letter Press also makes these titles more accessible to English readers. Be sure to sign up for their newsletters so you’ll be notified next year of their usually very generous #WITmonth sales!