Stay Sexy and Don't Get MurderedI am not a regular listener of the My Favorite Murder podcast, but I’d heard such positive things about it, I wanted to read (or, in this case, listen to), Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered. Authors Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff are hilarious, open, and full of interesting stories in chapters with names like “If You’re In a Cult, Call Your Dad” and “Stay Out of the Forest.”⁣

The publishers call the book a “dual memoir,” and it is rich with details about their childhoods and early adult years, including struggles with depression, alcoholism, and substance abuse.⁣

There’s a horrifying story in which the inability to say no leads to a session of topless modeling. In a more positive vein, Hardstark describes her love of reading and meeting Ray Bradbury at an event.⁣

Throughout the book, the women emphasize self-awareness, vulnerability, and connection. What was missing was the true crime I expected. I liked the book anyway, but it’s not a traditional true crime volume.⁣

I loved listening to the audiobook and hearing the women interact. Paul Giamatti reads some sections. One of their fathers even jumps in for a cameo. Even better, I got the book through which works in partnership with independent bookstores.⁣ is an affiliate link – we’ll both get a free audiobook if you join!