Book Review: BRING ME BACK, mysterious signs of a long-disappeared fiancee strain a new engagement

Paris, BA - Bring Me BackBring Me Back
B.A. Paris

In Bring Me Back, a fast-paced psychological thriller, Finn McQuaid prepares to marry Ellen Gray, a beautiful and even-tempered illustrator–who just also happens to be the sister of Layla, his previous fiancée who went missing during a trip to France twelve years previously.

Shortly after they announced their engagement in the local paper, Ellen found a small matryoshka in their driveway, a doll that had special significance only to her and Layla. Finn, then, began receiving cryptic emails from someone using the name Rudolph Hill.

Ellen was convinced that Layla had returned; Finn, though, believed that a kidnapper was making contact or even that someone close to them was trying to manipulate his emotional state and halt the wedding.

As the gestures continued, Ellen questioned whether Finn really wanted her–or if he’d only loved Layla all along–and their marriage suffered as Finn slipped into obsession.

Bring Me Back is a perfect “palate cleanser” or airplane book. It’s easy to read and gripping, entertaining while not requiring much intellectual effort.

There are some cliches: the rich protagonist who doesn’t need to worry about work, the beautiful and perfect wife, and at times, the writing can be less than sophisticated, but that’s not really what I’m looking for in this genre of book. At times, the plot is a little unbelievable and contrived, but in this book, it worked for me, and I was satisfied with the ending.

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