Book Review: YAY FOR VACAY! a pug lover’s must

Ahn, Flora - Vay for Vacay (3)Vay for Vacay!
Pug Pals #2
Flora Ahn

In Vay for Vacy! pugs Sunny and Rosy stay at their grandma’s house while their human is out of town. They are enjoying lounging in the yard while grandma gardens, but when the vegetables are all stolen, grandma blames them and banishes from the garden. Sunny decides they need to solve this mystery and even remembers they have Sherlock and Holmes costumes from a past Halloween. Can they solve the crime before their human returns so they can get back in grandma’s good graces?

A beginning chapter book, Vay for Vacy! is the second book in Flora Ahn’s Pug Pal’s series. In the first book, Sunny met Rosy. Now, Sunny has grudgingly accepted little sister Rosy but is sometimes exasperated and impatient with her, often to comic effect.

Ahn’s line drawings are delightful and capture a wide range of expressions on her pugs which are amazingly realistic, as I know from recognizing them on my pups! She puts the dogs in several situations that require “costume changes” which are adorable, and the dogs even meet a new friend while solving the mystery.

A must for pug lovers, young and old alike, this book will also appeal to children who like cute mysteries to read by themselves or who who like to be read to.

You’ll also want to check out the real Sunny and Rosy, plus Monkey, the newest grumble member, on Instagram!

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