Book Review: NOVEMBER ROAD, a satisfying cat-and-mouse chase between mafiosos in the wake of Kennedy’s assassination

berney, lou - november roadNovember Road
Lou Berney

Working for New Orleans mob boss Carlos Marcello, Frank Guidry, always looking out for himself, luxuriated in his beautiful apartment, trendy wardrobe, and revolving door of attractive women. But when President Kennedy was shot, Guidry realized he’d been near the Texas Book Depository only a week earlier to drop off a getaway car. Then, Carlos’s number two, Seraphine, instructed him to go to Houston to dump the car underwater. Guidry feared that he knew too much and was a loose end about to be cut.

On his way west, Guidry encountered Charlotte Roy and her two daughters, on the run themselves from a stifling future in Woodrow, Oklahoma. Guidry decided traveling with them was the perfect cover, and ingratiated himself with Charlotte. Associating with them, though, made them vulnerable. Normally, Guidry wouldn’t care about collateral damage, but for the first time in decades, he was feeling something he thought might be love.

As Guidry tries to keep himself, Charlotte, and the girls safe, Charlotte begins to find her voice, questioning Guidry and advocating for herself and her daughters. Meanwhile, the skilled hitman sent by Carlos is just a step behind them and getting closer.

The beginning was a little slow, and I got tired of Guidry saying “ye Gods,” but November Road was overall an engrossing and fun read–a cat and mouse road trip with a strange diversion in Las Vegas and, to me, an unexpected, though satisfying ending.