Book Review: MAX AT NIGHT, a cat on a quest to tell the moon goodnight

Max at Night CoverMax at Night
Ed Vere

A very tired Max begins his nightly ritual. He drinks his milk, brushes his teeth, says goodnight to the fish and spider, but when he goes to the window to tell the moon goodnight, it’s nowhere to be seen. Max journeys through the yard, climbs trees, summits the highest buildings in town, and finally, frustrated, at the top of a hill yells at the moon. The clouds part, and the moon appears. The moon tells Max that even when Max is in his room and can’t see him, the moon can hear him saying goodnight. Max returns home and quickly falls asleep, so soundly that he doesn’t hear the moon tell him goodnight.

I love the simplistic illustrations in Max at Night. Max is really cute and his eyes are so expressive! The background sometimes are simple blocks of bright colors, sometimes muted representations of Max’s surroundings. However, I was less excited about the story, although I might be more taken with it if I had to read a bedtime story to toddlers.

Max at Night Collage

Activity Kit

Max at Night Cover 2

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