BOOK REVIEW: The Dot, a call to make your mark

The Dot CoverThe Dot
by Peter H. Reynolds

At the end of class, Vashti sat despondent at her desk with a blank sheet of paper. Her teacher encouraged her to make any kind of mark to see where it might lead. Vashti put a dot on the page. Instead of berating her, her teacher asked Vashti to sign the page. The next week, Vashti saw that the art teacher had framed her dot in gold and hung it over her desk.

Seeing her dot displayed on the wall challenged her to make better and different dots, and a few weeks later at the school art show, everyone loved her colorful dots of various sizes. When another student praised her work and said he could never be an artist like her, Vashti encouraged him to make a mark and asked him to sign it.

The Dot Collage

With colorful and sweet drawings, The Dot promotes creativity, perseverance, kindness, and helping others. Overall, I liked the design of the book, but the typeface chosen was a childlike handwriting font which looked authentic but was at times not as clear as it could have been.

In 2003, Peter H. Reynolds founded “Dot Central,” the Blue Bunny Books & Toys in Dedham, Massachusetts. One of the books featured there is I Am Human: A Book of Empathy by Susan Verde and illustrated by Peter Reynolds, which is currently #1 on the New York Times Picture Book Bestsellers List.

The book also inspired International Dot Day, celebrated around September 15, celebrated in almost 180 countries in 2018. Participants are encouraged to become creative and make their own mark.