BOOK REVIEW: V is for Vegan, an ABC book with a message of compassion

V is for Vegan: The ABCs of Being Kind
Ruby Roth

Surveys indicate that as many as 3 to 6% of Americans identify as vegans. Surprisingly, there are relatively few vegan picture books for plant-based families, and I am always happy to find books in this category.

V is for Vegan: The ABCs of Being Kind, written for children three to seven, has a message about compassion and vegan living for each letter of the alphabet, and I couldn’t support the message of the book more. The rhyming ABCs are sometimes funny, educational, and at times unexpected.

V is for Vegan Collage

While I adored the text, the illustrations, while admittedly objectively cute, were not to my taste, and I though the type used, a child-like handwriting font, was not as clear as it could have been though I understand the choice behind it.

Still, this is a wonderful book and belongs in the library of every vegan family–with or without children!

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