BOOK REVIEW: Ghosted, a Satisfying Diversion

Walsh, Rosie - Ghosted

by Rosie Walsh

Recently separated Sarah Mackey traveled to the UK for an annual June pilgrimage. Though she grew up there, she’s now living in California running a charity called Clowndoctor. Unexpectedly, she meets Eddie David, and the two spend an intense week together clouded only by the knowledge that Eddie is leaving for a holiday in Spain and Sarah for a trip to London. Yet, they know their relationship is special and make plans to see each other when they each return. But Sarah doesn’t hear from Eddie. She’s been ghosted.

Sarah’s desperate attempts to reach Eddie though social media are difficult to read, though I’m not sure I would be much different! Though her friends advise her to forget about him and move on, she can’t bear to let go. Her work suffers and her relationships are strained.

But there might be more to Eddie’s silence than a simple loss of interest. It turns out that both he and Sarah harbor secrets from their pasts that echo into the present day.

When I started this book, I thought mystery > romance. Instead, mystery < romance. It wasn’t really my style, but the book was a quick read with a satisfying ending. Certainly, the possibilities and horrors that social media brings to dating come through in the book. Secondary characters, one with infertility struggles and one with mental health issues, were more interesting to me than the main characters. One particularly device was deliberately manipulative and too gimmicky to be entirely effective.

Still, this is a good choice for an “airplane book” since it is engrossing and well-written.

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