Doodled Cats by Gemma Correll

Thank you to Netgalley, Quarto Publishing Group, and Gemma Correll for providing an electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

After having so much fun with my copy of Doodled Dogs, I wanted to check out Doodled Cats as well. This book is worth purchasing just for Gemma Correll’s drawings which are so funny and display so much personality. With just a few strokes, Correll can make cats happy, sad, snarky, or content.

The format and structure of Doodled Cats and Doodled Dogs is similar. Doodled Cats has four parts–Part I: All About Cats (the cat-toid spread is very wry but I learned some new information about cats, too), Part II: Doodled Cats Step by Step, Part III: It’s a Cat’s World, and Part IV: Cat Doodle Templates. The Bonus Project describes how to make a doodled cat coffee mug and is the same bonus project in Doodled Dogs.

My favorite section presents the step-by-step drawings. Correll has written instructions paired with drawings, and in each drawing what you are supposed to do is in red and what was done in a previous stage is in black. The instructions are easy to follow and definitely fun. Even though I am an atrocious artist, my doodled cats have a cuteness about them. (But boy, the Sphynx was hard for me!)

Sample doodles show cats in hats, cats in clothing, anthropomorphic cats, cats doing activities, and, of course, cats in boxes! Several pages have “plain” cat doodles so that you can decorate them with the accessories or patterns you choose.

In pages that make me laugh out loud, Correll collects classic cat-dog illustrations paired with perfectly hilarious captions. Perhaps my favorite has one of Correll’s famous pugs saying to a cat in earmuffs, “Will you be my girlfriend?” “Can’t hear you,” replies the cat.

I have purchased several how-to art books, and Correll’s are the only ones I’ve read where I’ve had lots of fun with the text and activities. Doodled Cats is perfect for so many people: Gemma Correll fans, cat lovers, and people who enjoy doodling/zentangle books.

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