A White Thanksgiving

2014-11-27 11.37.11

Our backyard in the snow. I have to admit it’s a pretty sight, although I’d still rather be in Arizona.

dogs in snow

The snow almost reached Lily’s belly! Walter hates being in the snow, but Norman enjoys eating it.

Of course, we had a tofurky, which is our traditional Thanksgiving meal. I had my first tofurky in 1998, just a few years after Turtle Island Foods was founded. I am thankful for them.

2014-11-27 15.28.55

2014-11-27 18.14.272014-11-27 17.46.54

George didn’t want to bake a pie – fair enough, since he made dinner. Since I wanted a desert with applies, I found this recipe: Microwave Apple Crisp. (I made the oven version.) The only modifications were using Earth Balance for the butter and reducing to three apples. Peeling, slicing and coring the apples was a breeze with my Pampered Chef Apple peeler. While I usually avoid single-use items, the apple peeler is so worth it. Pretty tasty!

2014-11-27 22.30.31

Honoring Our Veterans

grandpa wwii navy uniform


My grandpa served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. He was stationed on a minesweeper patrolling the South Pacific. He has some very interesting pictures of life on the boat – and during shore leave – that I’ve posted to Flicker.

During down time, the sailors would play with the ship’s dog:


or entertain themselves in other ways:


One of the saddest stories he told me was when they would encounter people from Japan or other Asian countries who would try to hand them their children so they would be spared of the destruction of war and grown up in the United States.

wwii refuges


Thanks to the sacrifices of veterans, past and present, and of their families. May peace prevail so these sacrifices and the destruction of war no longer  take the health, well-being, and lives of those in the military on either side or those who live in the zones of war.

How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away with Murder Screen shot

I’ve enjoyed watching How to Get Away with Murder this season. Viola Davis is such a presence (even though Annalise’s very emotional moments such as breaking into tears while talking to Nate – inevitably in an alley or parked car at night don’t always seem true to the character). The cases of the week entertain me, and I enjoy most of the Keating Six, particularly Connor, Asher, and Laurel. Wes is not my favorite – “puppy” (and not in an endearing way) is an apropros nickname for him.

My worry is that How to Get Away with Murder will sucumb to the Twin Peaks trap. We had a murder in the first episode that has played out over the last several episodes and in part will be resolved during the mid-season finale. Once the murderer is revealed, where will Murder go? What do you think? How will Murder sustain viewers’ interest once the central case is resolved?