Pinterest: Happiness Project


I love Pinterest! If you are on the site, please follow me! If I had two wishes for Pinterest, I would want to be able to pin pages without images using a customizable default image and to be able to group boards into collections. Alas, I do not work for Pinterest nor do I have programming skills.

As of today, I have 118 boards with more than 9,000 pins. My boards are well-organized, and you can pick certain boards to follow or select “Follow All.” Currently, my most pinned item is “Pit Bulls Are Just About the Nicest Dogs There Are.” My favorite of my boards is “Happiness Project” with quotes, strategies, and images related to happiness, meaningfulness, compassion, empathy, and positive psychology.

Screenshot of happiness project board on Pinterest.

You can also search the millions of pins (over 30 million as of March 2014) for your personal interests. Once you’ve entered a search term, Pinterest gives you suggestions for limiting the search. You can also look for pins, boards, or pinners that include the search term as indicated in the figure below.

Tutorial for searching on pinterest


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