iPhone Apps

Lifehacker published a list of their favorite apps for the iPhone. Since I am glued to my iPhone, I was interested in the recommendations and found some new apps I plan to download.

What are your favorite apps? Did they make Lifehacker’s list? The apps I use daily are:

I play these games daily, but my taste in games changes over time.
If you play any of these, let me know so we can start a game!
When I think about our (my) addiction to smart phones, a quote from Dare Me by Megan Abbott comes to mind. Addy describes holding her phone as though she carried her heart in her hand. Less poetic, research about our changing brain structures due to the internet intrude and it reminds me how prophetic Marge Piercy in Woman on the Edge of Time appears in retrospect with characters who carry memories and information on external devices.

Lifehacker Pack iPhone Apps