Bring it on Down to Veganville

Justin Timberlake – Bring It On Down 2… by IdolxMuzic

I watched SNL last night, and I must admit that during the “Bring it on Down to Veganville” sketch, I was waiting for Justin Timberlake, wearing a tofu costume, to succumb to the pressures to eat sausage and then abandon his veg ways. With stories on NPR like, “Why Bacon is a Gateway Meat for Vegetarians” and vegans and vegetarians often the butt of jokes in popular culture, is is any surprise of my skepticism? Or any wonder that when I told George this morning that SNL had a vegan skit last night, he responded by saying, “how did they make fun of you?” To my delight and amazement, it was the Sausage Depot shill who had a change of heart, saying, “Oh god, what have I done. I’ve been eating Babe’s grandchildren for years. I’m a monster” after Timberlake, with complete sincerity, said, “If you knew how meat was raised, you wouldn’t eat it.” Today, my Facebook newsfeed is dominated by shares of the skit among vegans who are beyond the moon to see a positive representation of vegans that is funny and without sanctimony. The skit also highlights the charisma of Timberlake, who makes even a tofu costume seem sexy.

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