NYC Vegetarian Fest Swag

Many well-known vegan vendors had booths at the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival. The only thing I wanted but didn’t find was a vegan donut. Otherwise, as you can see, I came home with many goodies (some of which I ate on the bus home). The festival was packed with speakers on three stages, but the people I was most interested in seeing were scheduled for Sunday. Because of a work commitment, I had to leave NYC early enough to be in Ithaca Sunday evening. I did hear Zoe Weil, of the Institute for Humane Education. I’ve done a few classes through the institute, and Zoe’s presence is palpable, so it was nice to see her in person.

I was lucky to have purchased a VIP ticket in advance, which allowed me faster entry into the festival. I heard that some people in the general admission line waited up to two hours for admittance. It was nice to see so many people interested in being vegan!