Ready for the Ravellenic Games

ravellenic games staging area

During the Olympics, as it has during the last two Olympic games, Ravelry is hosting a fun knitting event with categories like hat dash, toy toss, and wip wrestling. We can join teams and enter our project information into a virtual finish line, enabling participants to receive virtual medals of completion. I have taken over our living room coffee table for my staging area.

In previous years, the games have been called the “Ravelympics” but this year, the site received a cease-and-desist letter from the Olympic committee. The event was rechristened as the “Ravellenic Games” which is easier for me to say. (It’s all about me, you know.)

I haven’t read the text of the letter, but many have said it is rude and condescending. Business Week provided an interesting article on the controversy. I am trying to ignore that hiccup and get into the Ravellenic games. I’m meeting some other knitters at our local Panera Bread on Friday, so we can cast on during the opening ceremony. (With very specific exceptions, projects started before the opening ceremonies are ineligible for badges.)

These games, I plan on entering at least four events: toy toss, hat dash, wip wrestling (finishing a project that has languished since at least May 15), and single skein sprint (one skein projects), and maybe a neck or accessory event.