In Search of Venus Transit

I didn’t plan my Venus Transit viewing very well. Nearing sunset, I ran into the front yard and realized that with all the lush trees, I couldn’t see the sun at all. I decided to strike out to find a viewing location. The mall’s parking lot seemed to be the best choice, but I couldn’t figure out how to get my quickly assembled pinhole camera to work. (I didn’t think of taking a picture at that time.)

I had given up and was on the way back home when I saw a few people in a field by the side of the road. One of the spectators showed me the pictures he took on his camera… maybe there was a dot indicating Venus. Maybe not. I decided to go to Purity for some Chicago Soy Temptation Cookie Dough Ice Cream and to enjoy the sunset.



On a side note, my mother emailed me to ask, “Do you remember when you would identify Venus in the night sky?” I don’t even remember knowing how to identify Venus. I wonder where I learned it and when I forgot.

One thought on “In Search of Venus Transit

  1. Ohh what a bad luck. Here in Finland we could not see it at all. In the Only 2 hours of “darkness we have” and the following ones when it is morning but no sun everything happened…

    I saw it in NASA TV though.

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