Many non-profit organizations solicit year-end donations while sending holiday greetings to their supporters. I’ve noticed that this year, I’ve received more electronic messages than holiday cards sent in the mail. While I sometimes miss the actual cards being a mail junkie, I know that email is better for the organization’s budget as well as to preserve natural resources. 
I thought this greeting from the American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS), a group dedicated to ending the use of animals in experiments, was precious. AAVS sponsors Animalearn, an initiative to provide alternatives to dissection in science classes. They also work to educate consumers on cruelty-free products. The Tina Nelson Sanctuary Fund provides grant assistance to sanctuaries that provides shelter to animals previously used in laboratories. 
AAVS is a group worthy of a year-end donation. What a wonderful way to celebrate life and peace on earth!