Asking for Disaster

Suffer through the ironically place Exxon advertisement promoting fracking to see a story on the proposed Tar Sands pipeline featuring an interview from Bill McKibben, who is trying with some success to inject principles of civil disobedience into the environmental movement. I found McKibben extremely inspiring when he visited Ithaca College last year.

bill mckibben

I am glad that McKibben and other leaders in the environmental movement are protesting the pipeline in DC, gaining media coverage, and educating the public. I wish I were there. I hope his words inspire you.

At the same time, I believe this story is written. The pipeline will be constructed, in 10, 15, 20 years, it will burst, because, don’t kid yourself, it will, and the animals and environment will suffer. It will happen. It is inevitable. Remember this?

What about this?

Like this vision of the future?

Because as a whole we are selfish and short-sighted, I expect the pipeline will be approved, and when we face a disaster on the scale of the BP oil spill – or worse – we’ll be shocked and ask how did this possibly happen? It’s so sad and tragic. But  if you support the pipeline, or if you do nothing to stop it, you are saying, my short-term economic comfort is more important to me than anything else. I know you don’t believe that, right? Prove it!

It is our actions – YOUR ACTIONS – today that can prevent a future disaster. Go to Tar Sands Actions RIGHT NOW. Sign the petition and donate money if you can. Send this letter to your friends and family. Learn more about the problems inherent in the pipeline at Dirty Oil Sands. Know that you did everything in your power to prevent the suffering you surely abhor.